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What Difference Can Motions Hearings Make in Your Criminal Case?

Litigating Motions Issues Can Make a Huge Difference in The Outcome of Your Criminal Case There is, perhaps, no clearer example of the value of engaging in thorough litigation of motions issues and challenging the State’s evidence even when all appears hopeless than the case of United States v. Antoine Jones. Antoine Jones is a very, […]

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Problems With Reckless Driving Charges in Georgia

Reckless Driving Charges in Georgia There is a real problem with reckless driving charges in Georgia. For most people, getting a dismissal of a DUI charge in exchange for a reckless driving conviction is an exceptional “win.” A reckless driving charge is a misdemeanor that does not require a license suspension for a driver over […]

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Defense Evidence for Serious Injury by Vehicle and Vehicular Homicide Cases

Evidence relating to subsequent remedial measures in roadway construction can be a significant issue in Georgia serious injury by vehicle and vehicular homicide cases. In serious injury by vehicle and vehicular homicide cases, an explanation for the accident – other than a defendant’s recklessness or impairment by alcohol or drugs – is of tremendous importance. […]

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Georgia Drivers Are the 15th Worst in The Country

An online insurance comparison marketplace, QuoteWizard, ranked Georgia drivers as the 15th worst in the nation. The list is generated from data collected by the Federal Highway Administration. The data also grouped the data in the following categories: accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations, and fatalities. According to the new data released for 2018 from the Georgia Governor’s […]

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Injured By a Wrong-Way Driver

Wrong-Way Car Accident Attorneys in Georgia In September 2018, three people died after a two-vehicle crash involving a wrong-way driver in Union City, South Fulton, Georgia.  One of the victims was driving the wrong way on South Fulton Parkway, Georgia. More recently, a suspected drunk driver wrong-way driver caused a major accident driving the wrong […]

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