What Happens After I Am Hurt in a Car Accident?

What Is the Process After You Are Hurt in A Car Accident?

The process after you are hurt in a car accident is complex and a source of anxiety for many people. At Hong & Sessions Law, LLC, we understand that getting the best possible results for our clients is a primary concern, but keeping our clients informed about the status of their car accident case and helping our clients understand the process is equally as important. Here, we discuss the general process that most car accident cases follow:

  1. You begin the process of getting the medical treatment that you need.
  2. We put potential insurers on notice of the accident. Notifying insurers of the accident and the potential claim is required in order to obtain coverage for the car accident.
  3. We will work to learn how much available insurance coverage there is for the accident.
  4. You will continue receiving medical treatment until you reach maximum medical improvement.
  5. We will work to obtain all of your medical and billing records from care providers as soon as you complete treatment.
  6. We will compile and demand a package and discuss with you an acceptable recovery.
  7. We will engage in negotiations with the insurance company in an effort to attempt to satisfactorily resolve your car accident claim prior to the filing of a lawsuit.
  8. We will file a lawsuit in the event that we cannot settle the case amicably through negotiations.

If you or someone that you care about has been injured in a car accident, contact Hong & Sessions Law, LLC today for a free consultation.


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