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Is Obtaining Police Photographs After an Accident Difficult?

Is Obtaining Police Photographs After an Accident Difficult? One of the ways that we work to build value in our client’s case is to perform a superior investigation into the facts of the car accident. That means obtaining the evidence that the police recorded or obtained in the course of their investigation into the wreck. Usually, police officers have the first opportunity to photograph vehicles and download data from the black boxes of vehicles involved in crashes. This is a template that we use in obtaining police photographs after an accident, as well as electronic/digital downloaded data from vehicles involved in a car wreck:

Sent via Certified U.S. Mail W/Return Receipt Requested

August 17, 2018

City of Atlanta Police Department


226 Peachtree St., SW

Atlanta, GA 30303

City of Atlanta Police Department

Special Operations Section


180 South Industrial Blvd.

Atlanta, GA 30354

RE:    Date of Accident: 7/19/2018 at approximately 6:10 a.m.

My Client:

Location of Accident:

Last Known Location of Motorcycle:

Warrant No.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70 et seq. (Georgia’s Open Records Act), please provide full and complete copies of each of the documents, records, and recordings identified below:

  • All photographs of the deceased’s vehicle in the above-referenced accident;
  • All reports produced regarding the above-referenced accident; and
  • All digital data recovered from all vehicles involved in the above-referenced accident.

Please contact me if in advance for authorization if payment in excess of $250.00 will be required to fulfill this request. Thank you for your kind assistance.

With kindest regards, I am


Richard Blevins

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