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The Other Driver is at Fault. Will Their Insurance Pay Damages?

The Other Driver is at Fault. Will Their Insurance Pay Damages? Clear liability and fault of the other driver is an essential first part towards recovering from an insurance company in Georgia. However, even if the other drive is at fault, that does not necessarily mean that the insurance company will pay damages or for your injuries.

Why Doesn’t Clear Liability Mean that You Will Be Compensated for Your Injuries and Damages After a Car Accident?

In Georgia, in order to recover for injuries and damages resulting from a car accident, the injured party must show that the other driver is at fault (caused the accident) and that the injuries and damages resulted from the accident. Particularly in cases with soft-tissue injuries (sprains and strains), insurers may attempt to deny that you were actually hurt and they will do their best to deny payment to you based upon any prior treatment or claims that you may have received.

Proving the Value of The Injuries Resulting from A Car Accident Is Another Crucial Part of Your Case

The other crucial aspect of your claims for injuries and damages caused by a car accident is the value of the injury and how much money the insurer should pay you as a result of the injury. The insurer may acknowledge that the other driver was at fault for the accident and that you were actually hurt but refuse to place a value on the injury that you are willing to accept.

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