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Why Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

Why Do I Need a Qualified DUI Lawyer for My Duluth, GA DUI Charge?

Duluth, GA is one of several jurisdictions in Georgia that do not reduce unless there is a legal basis for the reduction. This means that in order to obtain a reduction or dismissal of your DUI charge in Duluth, GA, your lawyer must be able to show the prosecuting attorney why there is a problem with his/her case. Do not hire any lawyer in Duluth, GA that promises you a reduction of your DUI charge based upon his/her relationship with the prosecuting attorney. Any statement to this effect is simply not the truth in this jurisdiction. In order to obtain a reduction or dismissal of DUI charges in Duluth, GA, we generally have to conduct what are called motions hearings, and lawyers have to know what they are doing in order to be successful at motions hearings.

We Need to Raise Challenges to The Admissibility of The State’s Evidence in Your DUI Case

One of the most important aspects of your DUI case is the legal challenges that your DUI attorney should raise to the State’s evidence. Do not hire a DUI lawyer expecting that he/she will only be negotiating a plea or trying your case to a jury. One of the most important aspects of the defense to your case is pre-trial motions hearings. In pre-trial motions, we challenge the State’s ability to introduce DUI field sobriety test and post-arrest DUI tests (blood, breath, or urine tests). It is important to recognize that pre-trial motions must be filed within 10 days from the date of arraignment.

What Difference Does Hiring a DUI Lawyer Make?

Most people do not realize that a lawyer does not need to have any sort of specialized training or certification in order to begin handling DUI cases. A lawyer could graduate from law school, pass the Bar, and take your case a week later. He/she would undoubtedly be incredibly unprepared to actually defend you in the DUI case, but they would be permitted to try to help you. So, how do you know that your DUI lawyer actually knows what he/she is doing? One easy way is to consider only Board-Certified DUI lawyers. Then, you will know that the lawyer has met the rigorous Board Certification requirement established by the National College for DUI Defense. You will know that your DUI lawyer has met the required prerequisite of trials and motions hearings, and you will know that your DUI lawyer has passed the testing requirements to become Board Certified in DUI Defense.

If you are in need of a Duluth DUI lawyer that truly understands how to deliver results and does not simply rely upon some hope of a “backroom deal” to help you, call us. We fight DUI charges throughout Georgia. We remain on the cutting edge of courtroom strategy in this practice area, and we bring a level of expertise to each of the cases that most lawyers simply cannot match.

How is Blevins & Hong, P.C. Different from Other DUI Lawyers?

Richard Blevins is 1 of 4 Board-Certified DUI Defense Attorneys in Georgia, and he is the only lawyer in Duluth to have attained this certification.

Our commitment to our clients has been recognized through numerous accolades including:

  • Inclusion in Georgia Trend’s Legal Elite
  • Selection to Georgia’s Super Lawyers – Top 100®  – 2019
  • Selection to Georgia’s Super Lawyers® – 2018
  • Selection to Georgia’s Super Lawyers® – 2017
  • Selection to Georgia’s Super Lawyers® – 2016
  • Selection to Georgia’s Super Lawyers® – 2015
  • AVVO – Superb (10.0) Rating

Richard Blevins has personally tried in excess of 50 jury trials.

We have an exceptional track record of defending DUI charges in Duluth, Georgia, and surrounding areas. We have regularly successfully defended blood, breath, urine, and refusal cases. And, we are regularly called upon by other lawyers to assist in the defense of complex serious injury by vehicle and vehicular homicide cases.

We Have a Proven Record of Success Defending DUI Charges in Duluth

If you are looking for a DUI attorney with a proven record of successfully defending DUI charges in Duluth, look no further. The Blevins & Hong, P.C. Law Firm has successfully fought all types of DUI charges in Duluth, Georgia. We understand what it takes to consistently obtain exceptional results in the defense of DUI cases. Unlike many firms in Macon, we do not spread ourselves too thin. You won’t find us dabbling in real estate transactions, social security, or bankruptcy cases when we are not defending DUI cases. We are highly focused and specialized.

Richard Blevins is the only Board-Certified DUI lawyer in Duluth, GA. If you are looking for the very best representation for your pending DUI charge in Duluth, GA, call Blevins & Hong, P.C. today. Our Duluth, GA office is conveniently located near the Duluth Municipal Court and the Gwinnett County State Court.

Does It Seem as Though There Is No Evidence that You Were DUI in Your Case?

Many clients call our office and say that they were arrested and charged with DUI despite there being no “real” evidence that they were driving under the influence. This a very common and legitimate complaint. In this video, Richard Blevins discusses how you defend a DUI charge based upon solely circumstantial evidence:

If You Need a DUI Lawyer in Duluth, GA, Contact Blevins & Hong, P.C. Law Firm Now

If you would like to meet with a Board-Certified DUI lawyer in Duluth, GA, call Blevins & Hong Law at (855) 25-WEWIN.

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