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What if I Lose My Car Accident Injury Case?

What if I Lose My Car Accident Injury Case? Many clients are rightfully concerned about whether they will be charged fees and expenses by their lawyer if they do not win their car accident injury case. If our firm accepts your case, you will enter into a written fee agreement with the firm. Two clauses in the fee agreement address these concerns directly. Our fee agreement in car accident injury cases is what is called a contingency fee agreement. We are not paid a fee unless we win your case. Unlike many firms that handle personal injury cases, we also do not bill our clients for case expenses unless we obtain a recovery in the case.

Why Do We Not Charge Our Clients Unless We Win the Case?

When you engage an attorney to represent you in a serious injury case, you are placing a tremendous amount of trust in that attorney. The attorney must likewise believe in your case and his/her ability to win your case. That is a bet / a risk that the attorney must be willing to take. For many of our clients, their injury has caused tremendous financial hardships for their families. Wondering “What if I lose my car accident injury case?” only adds to their anxiety and fear. We have simply taken the stance that we do not need to compound those problems by seeking to recover costs if we do not win the case. That is a personal/moral position that we as at Blevins & Hong, P.C. have chosen to take.



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